Party Djs & Holiday Events

You Work Hard, and So Do We. Especially When It’s Time to Make Your Party Perfect.

Bring your friends, your family, your coworkers, or your professional network. We’ll set the stage for a great time and provide the special effects, a photo booth, a deejay--you name it. We work with parents and in-laws, party planners and outlaws, to deliver plenty of joy and plenty of memories. Celebrate … good times. C’mon!


Birthday Parties

You say it’s your birthday? Happy birthday to you! We’re happy to work with you, your spouse, or event planners, too, and to make this birthday celebration one for the ages. Are you looking for a party atmosphere with uplighting fixtures and special effects? We’ve got you covered! We’ll even bring the matches to light the candles on your cake!

After Parties

The party itself may be coming to an end, but the night is just beginning. Make sure that your prom attendees or wedding guests keep bouncing at the after party. We’ll work with you or your event coordinator to accessorize our photo booth just right, and you can trust our DJs to keep the BPMs rolling deep into the night.

Theme Parties

With a range of themes from A to V (Apres Ski to Victorian, to begin), we invite you and your guests out for a good-spirited departure from everyday life. We work with you or your event planner to select the proper lighting and fixtures for your theme. Add a photo booth to freeze-frame your guests at their jovial best, and thrill them with a magical combination of fog and lasers. Our DJ spins era-appropriate tunes to keep your guests in character all night long.

School Parties

So, you’re a parent on the PTA committee, responsible for planning this year’s dance, and you don’t know where to turn? D Productions has your back. We’ll work with you and your students to select event lighting, special effects, and the necessary fixtures. Our DJs keep close tabs on what tracks the kids favor today, and they know just what to do to keep your students on the dance floor and their hands in the air.

Holiday Parties

Holidays provide you with the opportunity to celebrate your employees—especially around the winter holidays, as another year’s end approaches. With help from you or your event planner, we’ll put together a package of pipe-and-drape set-ups, the necessary stage platforms, and just the right lighting. With our DJ playing emcee (and your favorite tunes), your guests will experience a night to remember.