Event Production Services


Audio Systems

D Productions Audio System Console

Reliable sound reinforcement is the foundation of any event. Whether your event requires only a microphone with two speakers or maybe you will need multiple speakers, microphones, mixers and other specialized audio equipment. D Productions has an vast inventory of professional audio equipment that can provide you with the audio capabilities you require to help make your event sound as good as it is memorable.

As well as providing the audio fundamentals such as speakers, microphones and mixing consoles, 
D Productions can create a custom options for your event. We can create a variety of custom options for events such as live concerts, conferences, dances, 

weddings and many more! Our experienced production technicians will install and operate any and all equipment you require providing the best quality audio possible to perfect your event.

Event Lighting


Professional lighting can take an ordinary event and make it remarkable. From conventional to LED to intelligent lighting systems, we can provide custom lighting for your event.  

Event Lighting is one of the most affordable options to completely change the look and feel of a room. Techniques such as up lighting can highlight architecture in a venue and can make your event environment pop. For a splash of color, conventional lights and filters can provide the perfect balance of color and efficiency. 

Let us put together your custom event lighting package. Lighting changes with every venue and event and is customized to your specific needs. Create an environment with light and color. We can help you make your dream event a reality!


Video Systems


For your next occasion, make sure you have video equipment to match the level of your event. With our TV’s, and projector screens, your event will know no bounds. We offer professional grade video equipment that can handle any need your event might require.  

From weddings, movies in the park to conferences, Video broadcasting and recording is a fundamental to events that we have mastered. We have high definition cameras to capture every moment so you can relive your event time and time again.

Pipe and Drape


Our pipe and drape system is a great way to make an exhibit booth, divide a room or use as a backdrop for a press conference. Pipe and drape can even be used as a standalone display. Our customers include churches, schools, universities, event committees and anyone needing a great way to divide a room.


Special Effects

Special Effects

Do you need to make a dramatic entrance? Or celebrate a special moment? D Productions Event Services offers a wide variety of special effects. Effects are fun ways to add to your special moment. The most common effects available in our show design include flames, fog, laser and confetti.

Staging Solutions

Staging solutions

D Productions has the ability to provide stage decks, and platforms for any type of event. We are able to customize stages to various lengths and heights. Small stages for a conference, to big stages for a show, we provide a safe, and appealing stage surface for all the action.

Truss segments are used to create temporary structures for lighting, decor and more. Make your event pop. With different sizes and shapes, there is no limit on creation. Lighting pillars, and archways are just a few possibilities to add to your event.