Event Production Services


Audio Systems


The proper audio system provides a solid foundation for your live event. Our certified staff has over [ ] years of experience, and we scale your audio set-up to the needs of your guests.

From our inventory of top-flight audio gear, we select the right combination of microphones, mixers, and speakers, to begin. On site, we arrange the system as early as possible, and test and retest the set-up.

Our specialties include:

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Parties

  • Live Concerts

D Productions: your choice for choice sound at your next live event.

Event Lighting


Light shapes our experience of place, which is why a custom array of conventional, LED, or intelligent lighting can transform a room from ordinary to remarkable.

D Productions works closely with you to shape your mental picture vision for your celebration into reality.

We begin with a review of how different lighting techniques can shape the look and feel of your event. Up-lighting techniques highlight the architecture of your venue. Conventional lights and filters add color and ambience to your gathering.

Let’s talk about how our staff can shape the look, feel, and sound of your next celebration.


Video Systems

Add TVs and projector screens to ensure that your guests or clientele don’t miss a single moment of your next live event. Our technicians have experience with a range of events , and look forward to working with you and your marketing coordinator to represent your celebration on the big screens.

Pipe and Drape

Use our pipe-and-drape system to add color to a photography backdrop, spruce up an exhibit booth, or make a larger room more intimate. A variety of our clients, from business owners to event coordinators, use our pipe-and-drape set-ups to add character to their live events.

Special Effects

Do you need to make a rock-star entrance? Or celebrate a special moment? D Productions offers a wide variety of special effects, including flames, fog, laser, and confetti, to add more excitement to your evening.

Staging Solutions

Decks and platforms keep your guests’ attention on the main event. From conferences to concerts, we provide safe stage set-ups in a variety of heights and sizes.

DJ/Emcee Services

“He who pays the piper calls the tune.” When it’s time to dance, it’s your call: our staff DJ/MCs can set the mood and energy by spinning a playlist of your choice, or read the crowd and cue up danceable favorites from the 40s to today. Our DJs queue up era-appropriate tunes for your theme party, too.