Cleveland Wedding Djs


We Take the Worry Out of Your Wedding Reception

It’s okay to be nervous on your wedding day. It’s not okay for your service staff to add to your worries. With D Productions, rest assured. Our technicians take every step to work with you or your party planner to ensure that everything’s in order backstage, so that you and your guests can really celebrate.

Your wedding day brings together you and your spouse-to-be, as well as your family and friends, to celebrate your love. It’s a day for you and your beloved to build lasting memories. Let D Productions ease your worries on your wedding day.


Wedding Receptions

Raise a glass and, if you so desire, then raise the roof! We create a background of your choice with pipe-and-drape set-ups, ambient lighting, and concert-crisp audio for a hot mix of your favorite tunes. Our DJs assemble a music mix to fit the mood and—in a totally not-cheesy way—then to take things a little higher. They know how to coax your guests out on the dance floor and to keep them there all night long!

Wedding Anniversaries

Be it your 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary, you and your spouse are on a journey worth celebrating. Proper lighting sets the mood, and we provide an affordable AV package so that you can take your guests on a journey down memory lane.

Hotel Weddings

Friends and family love it when the bride and groom—or groom and groom, or bride and bride—provide a one-site option for the ceremony, the reception, and their accommodations. We work with you or your wedding planner to select the proper pipe-and-drape set-ups and either uplighting or monogram lighting. We deliver top-notch audio for toasts and plenty of DJ dancing.

Outdoor Weddings

You and your groom or bride might already be walking on air, but it’s nice to have the head table atop an outdoors stage deck. Our audio techs love to work with natural acoustics, too.

Church Weddings

In a world obsessed with “new and improved,” there’s real virtue in your exchanging vows at the front of a church. With the support of church elders, we can add a pipe-and-drape backdrop and ensure flattering lighting for your first matrimonial kiss.